RV Tank Treatment Happy Camper EXTREME Clean 18oz

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Whoa! Do you smell that? No? That's because we use Happy Campers holding tank treatment in our grey and black tanks. There are conservatively a million different products that say they are the best way to prevent odor in your RV holding tanks, but only one can be the best. Happy Campers takes the crown hands down. Not only is Happy Campers the most effective odor neutralizer, it is also the most cost effective product on the market. Happy Campers highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend eliminates odor without covering it up with perfume like many of the chemical deodorant treatments. Happy Campers works most like an enzyme or bioactive treatment but is not affected by residuals (previous tank treatment chemicals) and unlike enzyme treatments you do not need to regularly add more treatment. Happy Campers performance is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures and is not harmful to the environment, in fact it's biodegradable. Happy Campers is a highly concentrated monohydrate blend of minerals and micro nutrients with enough waste treating power to allow 1 ounce to treat a 40 gallon black tank and a once to treat the grey tank. When presented with a particularly stubborn holding tank issue our service department relies on Happy Campers ability to break down waste within a few hours of treatment. We have had customers report they have used Happy Campers to eliminate clogs in kitchen sinks and showers without worrying about damaging the RV's plumbing. We even have an employee with two very large dogs who uses Happy Campers in his carpet cleaner to remove that dog smell from his carpets and furniture.